Saturday, July 20, 2013

What do I share?

I am not used to being so without words. Well, it isn't that I don't have words, rather that I am not sure where to even begin. My time here is...slow. But with a sense of urgency at the same time. Some days every minute is scheduled. We wake up to have group Bible study and then we go to the grocery store to start cooking for our community meal, and then the meal itself is very Spanish in that it lasts at least 2 hours. Then we might have a short siesta, or we might visit a cafe where we know a Spanish friend will be. I try to be very intentional. Every restaurant/cafe/bar that I frequent is because there is a relationship there I want to build upon. In the evenings we have a 'creative night' or worship night or fiesta night we have to prepare for. Other days there are scheduled events in the morning & night but the afternoon is ours. It's beautiful to be able to just enjoy life but in the midst there is purpose and love and intention. I am experiencing personal growth just as much as I am doing work externally.
Of course there are vices to the Spanish culture, but one of the many virtues is how they savor life. They truly are very present. I rarely see a Spaniard on their cell phone, I rarely see people walking and talking on their phones like in the states. They engage quickly with you and they aren't in a rush. Granted, I am speaking based off a few small towns on the coast. But still, drastically different. And something I am grateful to learn from. Ahh what a beautiful experience this has been. And it's not over. There are many more moments I need to seize, many opportunities to take advantage of with my new friends here in Altea. I am thankful for how I have learned to embrace my outgoing/wooing strength and see it as just that- a strength. It has definitely been used here. I think I have felt like I can be myself this past month. There is such freedom in that. Wow. The Lord has truly blessed me. I pray that I continue to have this perspective amidst discouragement, insecurity, or impatience. 

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