Saturday, July 6, 2013


A few things...
Staying up until 3am has become normal. Crazy. 
I had some friggin delicious pizza. Gorgonzola, thin potato slices and walnuts-- different but fantastic. Another with pumpkin cream (??) and bacon...don't knock it. 
My American friends stink at beach volleyball ;)
I use a lot of Mexican words, apparently. 
My first paella was amazing. 
Celsius and kilometers are killing me. 

I am still having a great time. I am learning to find the Lord in so much more than just the Bible. Please pray I know His presence at all times. I brought up God to one of my Spanish friends, Alex. It was very small, but encouraging nonetheless. I hope to be more bold, but also not to strategize all the time and just wait on the Lord for opportunities. He desires them for himself more than I do, I must remember. 
It is definitely different being at least 4 years older than all the other team members who are still in college. My director's daughter is 25 and she used to live in Spain with her family for 8 years & now comes back every summer. She lives with us and is a HUGE blessing to me. Thank you Jesus for how You knew I would need that. 
Two other Edgies (what our director calls us team members) and myself will attend the local Catholic church tomorrow, to get a feel of that culture here. Edge Project is all about getting to know the Altea community, not being complete outsiders. 

It's only the beginning & yet it is also going by so quickly. 
Stay tuned. 

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