Thursday, July 11, 2013

"because you have become so dear to us..."

      1st Thessalonians chapter 2, verses 1 until about 9 struck me as very similar to our hearts here in Spain. Even though many of the Spanish are wary of religion/God/church, we will persevere (v.2). We want to share our lives with them, as well as the Gospel (v.8). Not just one or the other. We will have fun with them and laugh and share stories in order to earn their trust & respect. Our motives are still pure. I want to see my friends in Spain as just that- friends, not projects. I need to remember that I don't do this to please men but the Lord (v.4). And so, of course we may offend, of course it may be uncomfortable, of course there will be some success & some failure, but we do it for the sake of Jesus Christ and that the good news of His sacrifice might be known. We want the world to be redeemed back to its Creator. I want Alex to know His heavenly Father. I want Carlos to find fulfillment in Christ. I want Ana to know her identity as a chosen one of God.

      I know that we join with all other believers across the globe in what we do. Our desire that the earth would know the truth of Jesus. We join with those who went before us, even Paul, Timothy and Silas. Pray for us that we might carry out this good work. That we might be in tune with the Spirit when to speak and when to wait. When to love in action and when to love by speaking up.

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