Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A better understanding

      So, the other day after our "conversations" (which is more or less a Bible study) we were talking a bit about Spanish culture and how to understand it better and respect the Spanish people in terms of sharing our faith. So, now you have the context for what I am going to share. Miriam is Spanish, she is an artist, and she is a Christian. All of that combined is so rare. She is with Edge Project for a week, living in my house and is this week's exhibition artist. I met her last year and we grew very close. She doesn't speak English and so I was translating for the group what she was saying about the Spanish's view of what we have to share regarding God/Jesus/religion. 
This is what she said in Spanish: 
      During the dictatorship of Franco he was having anyone who was against Catholicism, or just wasn't Catholic, killed. Not just political figures, and not just non-Christians. You had to be Catholic. It was evil. Miriam's great grandfather was shot and killed. And so, that generation has taught their kids, who have told their kids, who have passed on to their kids that God is not good. Because Franco did all that he did in the name of God then God must be bad. 
      Here I am listening to this in order to translate for our group. And as I begin to repeat it in English I just lose it. I'm crying because not only does it explain so much, but it breaks my heart that God would be portrayed this way. That one man, one regime, could give the Good, Loving, Merciful Creator such a bad name. It devastates me to hear that generations of people have got the wrong idea about God, and about His people. God does not deserve this, and it's not even the Spanish people's fault. 

I could go on, but I won't. Let's just say this explains a lot. It has been very heavy on my heart. This is just one, albeit big, reason why the soil here is so tough. 

Maybe later I will share about my conversation with Susanna, which is pertinent to this. Maybe not. If you want to here/know more feel free to email me or set up a facetime. I would love to talk to any of ya'll even though the time change is brutal. :) besossss xoxo

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